About – We Are Retra



To Put it Simply…

Simply put, RETRA is a revolutionary new fitness method. It’s the result of many years of research and development. We use a proven sports science methodology and have developed workouts built to suit the needs of all individuals, making them fun, fast, effective and – most importantly – affordable!

More than Just a PT

We live in a time where people want more than just a Personal Trainer. ‘Boutique’ Fitness concepts are booming. However, sadly, it’s clear these boutique studios are not accessible to everyone and many people are excluded. These boutiques tend to be either closed-door member clubs (which are far too elitist and/or intimidating), or they’re simply just not affordable.


Ask yourself this: do you really want to pay £100 or more a month for a gym studio membership?

We at Retra think the answer is probably not. So, we’ve created a members club that is affordable, yet brings with it a boutique environment. An environment where you will be comfortable to work out at your own pace, and where you do not need to worry about what’s going on around you, or who you’re competing with. RETRA help you to achieve your personal goals. RETRA is about helping you with YOUR fitness journey – whether you’re an elite athlete, a sedentary desk worker, or if you have never exercised at all. RETRA is for YOU!


RETRA was born with one goal in mind:
To bring fitness to every body.

The RETRA Experience Offers You

Trainer Guided 30-Minute Workouts

Our industry-leading expert Trainers are on hand to guide you through every RETRA workout

The Complete Workout

Burn up to 500 Calories each workout via a combination of Resistance, Strength, Functional, Cardiovascular, Plyometric, Core and Flexibility training.

No Class Times

Workout on your schedule. You simply turn up when we are open and workout, it really is that simple

No Contracts

We offer flexible, rolling monthly contracts

Affordable Membership

Unlimited access and affordable monthly membership

A New Workout Everyday

You’ll never do the same workout twice. We change our programming every day!

Suitable For All Fitness Levels

Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned ‘gymaholic’, we have workouts to fit your needs

Boutique Environment

Interior designed – our gym is stunning! Come and see for yourself.

Screen and Heart Rate Based Technology

We use the latest technology innovations the industry has to offer, with Screen-based programming and wearable Heart Rate telemetry.

Our Mission

To get the population moving in a fun, fast and effective way, at an affordable price with the freedom to work out on your own schedule