COVID-19 Information – We Are Retra

COVID-19 Information


Your health is our number one priority. We've made operation changes to ensure RETRA is a safe workout space.
Here's what we're doing:

Temperature checks and cleanliness

Every members temperature will be checked upon arrival at the club. Please sanitise your hands at reception.

Air Filtration

We have added a new carbon filter to ensure 100% fresh airflow in the gym and we will be running at increased ventilation 24 hours a day.

Cleaning and disinfecting

You will be given a disinfectant spray bottle and a new cloth to take around the gym with you. Clean down each piece of equipment after use.

Social Distancing

There will be social distancing signs around the gym, as well as a one station (1+ metre ) gap between every member, while they exercise.

Let’s get ready to RETRAAAAAAAA